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No one knows Montreal and surrounding area’s better than our Brokers at Montreal City Real Estate. Our Brokers have access to the best resources and are constantly researching new trends in the market — it is what sets us apart from the rest. When you combine the individual strengths of an entire team along with working within RE/MAX Action you can expect to receive a high level of experience and care that exceeds expectations. By combining an honest human touch with best-in-class technology we are defining the future of real estate sales and marketing. Real Estate is no longer a Single Brokers Job. There are too many moving parts which require ongoing attention and support.

Working with the right Broker is key to a smooth and successful transaction, so we handpick our team according to their experience and ensure pairing for your specifications, ensuring a great fit right from the start. No matter who you’re working with, your Broker will help you with all your Real Estate Needs, drive the process forward and ensure your financial decisions are never jeopardized. We’ve spent years learning both sides of the market, inside and out, so we can focus our attention on you and your needs when it matters most.



  • #6 - 7539 Rue André-Arnoux
    Montréal (Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles), Montréal

    MLS # 13101559


    #104 - 5001 Av. Eliot
    Laval (Chomedey), Laval

    MLS # 13433273


    8950 Rue de l'Aiglon
    Montréal (Saint-Léonard), Montréal

    MLS # 27934389


  • 6683 Boul. Pie-IX
    Montréal (Rosemont/La Petite-Patrie), Montréal

    MLS # 27567592


    #601 - 5820 Rue Jarry E.
    Montréal (Saint-Léonard), Montréal

    MLS # 11235828


    5855 Rue De La Roche
    Montréal (Rosemont/La Petite-Patrie), Montréal

    MLS # 22553557


  • 149 Rue Bellevue
    Trois-Rivières, Mauricie

    MLS # 14314300


    13 Rue de Rochefort
    Blainville, Laurentides

    MLS # 25538569


    3825 Rue Fleury E.
    Montréal (Montréal-Nord), Montréal

    MLS # 19422730


  • 3835 Rue Fleury E.
    Montréal (Montréal-Nord), Montréal

    MLS # 20045504


    Rue Non Disponible-Unavailable
    Montréal (Rosemont/La Petite-Patrie), Montréal

    MLS # 12698974


    #408 - 3175 Av. Ernest-Hemingway
    Montréal (Saint-Laurent), Montréal

    MLS # 25015699


  • 8230A Rue du Creusot
    Montréal (Saint-Léonard), Montréal

    MLS # 25996887


  • 8330 Rue Arthur-Buies
    Montréal (Mercier/Hochelaga-Maisonneuve), Montréal

    MLS # 12808499


    #405 - 3195 Av. Ernest-Hemingway
    Montréal (Saint-Laurent), Montréal

    MLS # 19305413


    10325 Rue Rancourt
    Montréal (Ahuntsic-Cartierville), Montréal

    MLS # 18879660


  • 8725 Rue Jeanne-Mance
    Montréal (Ahuntsic-Cartierville), Montréal

    MLS # 10154226


    11515 19e Avenue (R.-d.-P.)
    Montréal (Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles), Montréal

    MLS # 22247123


    #2 - 6910 Boul. des Laurentides
    Laval (Auteuil), Laval

    MLS # 22898790


  • 8776 Boul. St-Michel
    Montréal (Villeray/Saint-Michel/Parc-Extension), Montréal

    MLS # 25034900


    615 Rue Jarry E.
    Montréal (Villeray/Saint-Michel/Parc-Extension), Montréal

    MLS # 13442913


    2720 Rue Lafrance
    Montréal (Saint-Laurent), Montréal

    MLS # 25766563


  • 751 Rue Faillon E.
    Montréal (Villeray/Saint-Michel/Parc-Extension), Montréal

    MLS # 22667725


    #707 - 2110 Rue Caroline-Béique
    Montréal (Ahuntsic-Cartierville), Montréal

    MLS # 26039155


    12486 Av. Armand-Chaput
    Montréal (Rivière-des-Prairies/Pointe-aux-Trembles), Montréal

    MLS # 9786264


  • 4683 Boul. Gouin E.
    Montréal (Montréal-Nord), Montréal

    MLS # 24780346


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Danny and Ameeta are very professional and efficient. It is a pleasure to work with them in a fast-moving environment. They have also established strong links with trusted people in the real estate industry you can benefit from.

Ulric Manteaux

Danny is an exceptionally dynamic and efficient real estate agent. His proactive communication skills helped us find the home of our dreams. In addition to getting Danny's tremendous help, you also get the support of his wife and business partner, Ameeta. During the process of searching for a house, Danny and Ameeta were approachable and always available. They find solutions for everything and continue to help you after the sale is concluded. We are very fortunate to have met them. For new buyers, we HIGHLY recommend Danny and Ameeta for your next home purchase.

Denis Cournoyer

Offering a great deal of knowledge and professionalism, Danny and Ameeta helped us find a great new home in no time. They were available for questions and concerns and they guided us through the entire process from finding a property, to finalizing the purchase. I would definitely work with them again!

Emmanuel Sharma

Danny Kohli, has been a most helpful and supportive Real estate agent for me as I make my move to Montreal. He even went so far as to reçue me and a friend from the roof top patio of my newly acquired condo. Yes He interrupted Saturday diner with family because none of the keys I had would let me back in to the Building. We have navigated through some challenging issues with his knowledge and support. I recommend Danny Highly!

Anne Adams